SFYBL Sportsmanship

SFYBL Coaches, Players, Parents, and Fans:

We would like to take a moment to remind you that the San Francisco Youth Baseball League, like all youth athletics leagues, expects good sportsmanship from its players, coaches, and fans. Please keep in mind that as adult mentors, our actions set life-lesson examples for the kids we coach.

Arguing judgment calls with umpires or standing by doing nothing while one or more of your fans does so; allowing your players to heckle umpires; using profanities on the field; initiating physical or verbal confrontations with another coach, fan, or umpire – are all examples of poor sportsmanship and leadership which have happened in more than one game this season…including in at least one play-off game.

This is not acceptable behavior in our league or in youth sports in general. Teams which violate these common-sense rules of sportsmanship are subject to: game forfeit, coach ejection, and coach suspension for the next game (first game of next season if the offense happened in the last game of this season), or being banned from the league subject to SFYBL board determination.

Chet Spirlin
SFYBL League Commissioner