No-Play Date Requests – IMPORTANT

Contrary to the misleading no-play date text area (since redacted) on the hard copy team roster forms you turned in at team registration, all no-play date requests need to be done electronically. Online no-play date submissions are the only source the league scheduler will be referencing when trying to accommodate teams’ no-play date requests.

Each team gets one no-play date. You can request more, but one is all the scheduler can guarantee. No games will be scheduled on April 7 (Saturday), so there’s no need to list that date.

We have emailed all team registration coaches the URL for making your no-play date request (please check your email!)

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. It is simply impractical for the league scheduler to sort through 158 teams worth of handwritten submissions…when electronic counterparts can be sorted, grouped, and filed in a fraction of the time with far less of chance of getting misread or misplaced.

Also, 39 league teams still have not entered any of their roster information online yet. If you’re a coach for one or more of those teams, please take a 15-20 minutes to enter your players online.